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teriX is a tcl script for XiRCON irc client, for thouse users who like unix like irc clients (like ircII, BitchX), but need to sit on windows box. i started this project in 1998 to bring some alternative client for irc maniacs. my work is hinge with two operation systems: FreeBSD and Cisco IOS, so you can see this fact in teriX ideology ;) it's fast and stable.
download: teriX 2.4.2 and XiRCON and find readme and install txt files
I whould like to tender a thanks to all ppl who supported me all the time:

  - conio, keith cohen, pawt - you didn't ever hear me, but i always tryed to attain to the level of your scripting
  - zaza, eugexl, kama, nsn and cps - for new feaures requests, continuous beta testing, and teriX advertising :)
  - jager - for permanent code r0xing :)
  - verdure project team-mate - you says once 'xircon whithout terix is unusable' thanx for the punch :)
  - all ppl from ex-hrg, hrg, fractalla^team, juc and russian rtcw community - don't know for that, just thanks!

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